Feb 27 - 27 2024

Charging the Future

A Roadmap for Deploying on-site Charging Infrastructure

27th February 2024
18:00 - 19:30
Schroeder & Associés SA
13 rue de l'innovation, L-1896, Luxembourg

Immerse yourself in the future of electromobility during this event, covering the implementation of on-site charging infrastructure: planning & conception, equipment & infrastructure, costs & financial aids. Experience a comprehensive exploration of the main stages of your upcoming sustainable transportation project with industry leaders.

The conference language is FRENCH

17:30 Arrival
18:00-18:05 Welcome Words – Thierry Flies, Schroeder & Associés
18:05-18:35 Conception & Planning:

  • Electromobility a Key Element of Smart Mobility – Daniel Baum, Schroeder & Associés
  • Electromobility Photovoltaic Synergies – Leif Chiotis, Schroeder & Associés

18:35-19:05 Equipment & Infrastructure:

  • The Future of Charging Infrastructure – Frank Wies, SWIO
  • Navigating the Future with Photovoltaic Advancements – Xavier Struyven, SER

19:05-19:25 Costs & Financial Aids:

  • Financial Aid Schemes to Support Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Infrastructure – Xavier Hansen & Randy Quintus, Ministry of the Economy
  • Practical Perspective: Participating in a Call for Projects – Sael Gramdi, Schroeder & Associés

19:25-19:30 Discussion & Closing Words – Daniel Kohl, Cluster for Logistics
19:30 Networking Drink

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Feb 27 - 27 2024

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