Jun 21 2024

Supply Chain Risk Management: Strategies for Success

The Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg - C4L, Hamlet Consulting Luxembourg, and Prewave hosted an insightful conference at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce: Supply Chain Risk Management: Strategies for Success.

Daniel Kohl, Director of the Cluster, opened the conference and welcomed the participants. Florian Grova, Senior Manager at Hamlet Consulting Luxembourg, elaborated on a new paradigm to make supply chains more sustainable and safer. Next up, Guillaume Waline, Senior Manager Strategic Alliances at Prewave, explained how companies can capitalize on their deep supply chain with AI. Finally, Joachim Clemens-Stolbrink, Manager at the Digital Innovation Hub, presented the program and support services of the one-stop-shop for digital support, the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub.

The digitalization of supply chains has fostered benefits like cost efficiency, reduced carbon footprints, and enhanced management of global economic challenges. Nonetheless, data driven supply chains also face risks. The speakers explored the contemporary challenges encountered by supply chain managers, for whom resilience is a delicate balance between minimizing and mitigating risks.

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